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Hove Lagoon has been drained for cleaning and we are not overly impressed with the result.
It is true that tonnes of sludge has been sucked out which is great news as the last clean took place eight years ago. The problem is that refilling commenced before lots of the rubbish was pulled out. Mattresses and all sorts are clearly visible.
On top of that, lots of sludge is still in the centre of the two pools. It perhaps should have been fully drained first.
Councillor Robert Nemeth has made the necessary representations along with Friends of Hove Lagoon colleague, Sue Johnson, in an emergency meeting with council officers.
As deadlines for Lagoon Watersports and the model boat guys are fast approaching, the compromise position is that as much rubbish as possible is removed over the next couple of days and that another cleaning session takes place in December.
Although it wasn't done as well as eight years ago, the sludge-sucking method is at least hugely cheaper - even with a second round in December.

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